Red Rub for Arthritis

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It is a magical reliever from many deadly pains like joints, muscles, arthritis, and headache. The core value of Pandi’s products is that they are totally organic without any toxic and artificial substances
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What is Red Rub?


What if I tell you that relief from many pains is no more expensive like other treatment? The secret is just our Red Rub by Pandi. It is a magical reliever from many deadly pains like joints, muscles, arthritis, and headache. The core value of Pandi’s products is that they are totally organic without any toxic and artificial substances. So this pain relief Red Rub is also totally natural based. Due to its combination, it works with no side effect or lesser. It has the power of Moringa which is a magical plant because of its number of benefits. It is beneficial for the skin because of Vaseline, which is the combination of Petroleum Jelly and many other essential minerals for the skin.



List of Rub’s ingredients is given below with their effectiveness:


Vaseline is well known for keeping dryness away from our skin. Minerals enrichment and natural waxes within Vaseline give Red Rub’s benefits effectively.

Moringa Oil:

Moringa oil derived from moringa seeds. It is very famous for its countless benefits. 96 nutrients, 47 antioxidants, all amino acids, and minerals are the real power of moringa oil. The high level of vitamins in this oil makes Red Rub perfect healer from cuts, bruises, skin infections, and broken skin.

Clove Oil:

Clove oil is a good reliever from several pains its own. It is the enhancement for the effectiveness of Red Rub.


Menthol is an organic compound derived from mint, peppermint, other mint oil. Its cooling sensation effect makes Red Rub reliever from burn wound.

Cinnamon oil:

Cinnamon Oil is good with aroma and within the Red Rub it assists in therapeutic and healing.

Honey Wax:

The properties of bee-wax such as moisturizer, antibiotic, and anti-inflammation assist Red-Rub in performances.

Winter Green-Oil:

Helps in relieving from pain.

Flaxseed oil:

Assists in guarding against skin diseases such as skin cancer, rashes, and so many allergies.

How to use Red Rub?


There is no hard and fast theory of usage. You can use it like any other ointment. If you want to massage it on body parts like the forehead, joint, around neck and muscle, you can apply it gently as any other oil or cream. You can smoothly apply this on wounds which are only on the outer membrane of skin.

  • It has no side effects under the prescribed method of usage.
  • You shouldn’t use this if you are allergic to any of its ingredients (above described).
  • It is for only outer use, no internal impact.
  • It should be avoided for the inner layer of skin, which is exposed in some kind of wounds like worst burn or infection.
  • Properly washing of hand before and after using Red Rub is necessary.
  • If you are using for any type of worse condition of the wound, you should consult the physician first.
Benefits of Pain Relief Rub  

Alternative to Massage Oil:

In a combination of Red Rub, there are four different types of massaging oil. So you can use it as a substitute to massage oil in massage therapy. Massage therapy with our product will be so different and quite magical due to its organic mixture.

Excellent Pain Reliever:

All of its ingredients are a pain reliever. Massaging gently this on the affected surface of a body, it will get absorbed to your internal layers of tissues. It helps to enhance the natural recovery process of the human body to get recover from the damage of tissue and give you relief from pain.

Treatment for inflammation:

Moringa oil is the key element of Red Rub, which is great anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is due to leakage of inner body fluid composed of chemical (absorbed by our body from the outer environment) to internal tissue and leads to swelling of tissues, muscle, and joint. Red rub helps to recover that affected part or tissue from swelling.

Prevent from tumor cells (Skin-Cancer):

Antioxidants of Red Rub reduce the process of oxidation to prevent the production of tumor cells in a layer of skin. It works as a guard to skin-cancer. 

Combat to stress:

Red Rub by Pandi is an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, stress, and headache. Just 2-3 minutes massage of this will get you relief from a serve headache and lead relaxation zone.

A cure for Arthritis:

Because it is anti-inflammation, it helps to get recover from joint disorders such as arthritis and coreopsis. Nutrients act rapidly on joints for quick relax.

Protection for skin:

Skin dryness is due to lack of vitamins which leads to dead skin. And skin is the most exposed part of the body. Vitamin B6, B2, and B4 help to remove dead cells from a layer of skin and keep your skin fresh and alive.

Skin Moisturizer:

Nutrients, minerals and all amino acids of red rub provide moisture to your skin and keep dryness away.

Lighten the scars:

Nutrients keep your skin alive and remove the dead cells from skin. So applying it on scars will lead to vanish of marks of wounds. But it is a quite slow and effective process.

The cure to Throat Infection:

It will give you a quick positive effect after massaging on around your neck if you’re having a throat infection. Swelling of Thyroid Gland will be reduced by it.

The cure for Back-pain:

 Regular use of it on the back can give you complete comfort from back-pain.


Red Rub Helps to reduce oxidation in a layer of skin to get rid of free radicals which are harmful and lead to aging and wrinkles.


  • It is only for external use not for internal use.
  • Keep away from children range.
  • Don’t use it near to eye.
  • Only for outer layer of skin.
  • Should be avoided to apply mucous membrane.
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